Remember the workplaces of yesteryears when an office looked like one that had been straightaway plucked off the assembly line? Rows and rows of tables and chairs of the same material, same colour, same wood grain and the same design all lined up in a straight line against the wall or in the middle of a hall. Now, come back to the modern era and visit any five offices at random in your locality and you will be totally taken aback. Every office will be different in design and structure, furniture will be modern and exclusive and the basic colour theme will be one with that of the business.

All this is because a lot of thought today goes into the factors that make a conducive work environment, one that makes the employees give off their best, thereby increasing productivity levels. This has made interior decorators and furniture manufacturers to get together and create furniture that is awesome to say the least.

Office furniture is basically designed to sustain comfort levels of employees as they have to spend long hours at their work stations. Of course, office furniture is not limited to this only, it extends beyond the main office hall to the reception area and onward to the executive chambers and the conference room. Each space should have furniture especially created for it, both to achieve the correct ambience and aesthetics as well as functionality.

The best furniture for the workplace is not limited or standardised in any way. The materials used matter a lot and these are the most common ones.

  • Steel and glass – This is a really awesome combination, one that takes any office environment to the next level. Gleaming steel furniture that includes chairs and tables can be customised to specific requirements of the business owner. Further, the colour of the ply on the frame of the table and the upholstery of the chairs can be matched and complemented with a specific colour theme. Executive tables of steel with polished tinted glass top and matching leather padded chairs adds class and glamour to an executives’ room. The same goes for the reception area where shiny steel and chrome tables help create a favourable first impression for visitors.
  • Wood and timber – While steel and glass is the face of the modern business environment, there is nothing to beat the good old wood and timbre furniture for office. Wood furniture has an old world charm of its own. A huge dark mahogany table and a plush similar high backed leather cushioned chair is the ultimate in awesome office furniture. For added value have the walls panelled in polished oak and you have a chamber that most executives or owners would give their right arm for.

There is another take on wood furniture that is slowly coming into its own today and that is timber furniture from recycled items. It is a mix of the old and the contemporary without the classical look of smooth polished surface. These are made from recycled timber sourced from packing crates and old and discarded wood furniture and household fixtures. In the hands of master craftsmen these are made into unique creations. For example, semi circular reception area furniture might have a blue streak running around the middle – a leftover from some marking on a packing crate. However, viewed in isolation this will surely be an inimitable and exceptional piece, guaranteed to give your office the freshness that you so desire.

Other materials used are aluminium furniture and a combination of all the materials given here. The awesomeness of course depends on the eyes of the beholder. However, there is no doubt that office furniture has come of age far removed from the standard cookie cutter types.