Your office is the face and foundation of your business so it is but natural that everything should be just right. This is why it is important that the right furniture be chosen to strengthen not only client owner relationship but employer employee bonding too. And this is also why millions of dollars are spent every year by businesses on interior decoration so that office ambience and looks are optimised.

Choosing the right furniture for your office can be approached from two different perspectives – your work place and your reception area.

Work Place – The focus here is on making your employees comfortable so that they can put in hours of fatigue free work. Not only will it ensure accuracy in what they are doing, it will also go a long way to increase productivity levels.

The first place to start is the office chair. Almost all offices in today’s digital environment have work stations with computers and hence it has to be ensured that the height of the chairs is just right. The back of the chair should be firm and be able to support the lower back of the employee. Those that have castor wheels and a revolving seat are ideal as these add to comfort levels. The next of course is the desk which again should not be too large as it does not help in keeping all relevant papers and documents within arm’s range. There should be ample space to stretch legs if required. A light coloured top makes sure that all items on top are in clear vision of the user.

Plain cabinets and file cabinets are indispensable to any office. You have a choice here. You can either buy the regular conventional ones from any specialised office furniture store or you can have them customised to go with your office decor. In the latter case, these can be built into the walls, thereby saving on premium office space.

If your office is one that has direct interaction with customers – insurance, banks for example – the counter top acquires a lot of significance. To spruce up the environment have them done in bright pastel shades and a height that helps in easy interaction with your clients.

Reception area – This is not standardised across all offices. Take the case of a law firm of a property lawyer in Melbourne. The client area where discussions will be held should be a cabin with floor to ceiling panels to ensure privacy. And the ambience should be such that immediately puts the client at ease, not an overbearing one. Have leather upholstery on sofas as it givers off a quiet air of confidence.

Another type of reception area is the normal ones in beauty clinics, lawyer’s offices, hotels and in almost any business. The focus here is on creating a cheerful ambience – potted plants, bright pastel shade counters with the company logo prominently displayed in front and behind a panel with text or pictures of what your business represents. You can also opt to have a showcase here that has your company’s products displayed in it.

At the ends of the day, remember, what is important in choosing the right furniture for your office is convenience. This should be your primary objective.