Nick Scali Furniture is one of the leading importers of furniture in Australia and has been in this business for over 50 years. All products brought into the country are sourced from leading manufacturers across the world. This is one reason why the company as a brand is an industry leader in the furniture trade in the country today. Showrooms of Nick Scali are spread out all over Australia and the company in 2015 has added three more to their chain of stores, expanding to the west coast in Perth.

Quality and customer service has always been the primary focus for Nick Scali Furniture. Each piece of furniture brought into the country is subjected to stringent quality control tests so that customers are assured of getting top class furniture – items that stand the test of time. Almost 5,000 containers of furniture are imported into the country by Nick Scali every year. This speaks volumes of the demand for his furniture.

Importing on such huge scales has its advantages. Nick caters to a wide range of clients and has something for everyone. Thus customers are spoilt for choice when they enter the showrooms. There will be a large variety to choose from, not merely in terms of designs and type of furniture, there will be something to meet the budget and price one can afford. Catering to customers from every strata of society has made Nick Scali the brand to opt for by those wanting to buy quality furniture.

What has made Nick Scali Furniture one of the most respected brands in Australia is the benchmarks of excellence they have set for every item sold by them. Take the example of lounges of the company. Every lounge frame is manufactured from the finest structural components that ensure strength and durability over many years. This is the primary reason why all lounges come with a Lifetime Warranty covering structure and framework.

The USP of the company is that no client is too big or small for them. Whether the existing furniture in a home is being upgraded or a new home is being furnished, customers can be sure that they can do so on the budget they have in mind. That does not mean compromising on the quality of the products. Nick does not stock mass produced cheap looking furniture. What he always offers is good quality furniture at the right price.