In the fiercely competitive world of beauty salon and spa industry, what gives some a head start over others is the level of infrastructure in place. This includes interior decoration, lighting and furniture to name just a few. However, all these will depend on the budget and financial limitations but in spite of this factor, the basic requirements need to be in place before you can optimise other operational aspects of your salon.

While selecting furniture for your salon, have the fundamental floor plan in front of you with all the floor measurements so that you can plan accordingly, taking into account customer comfort and convenience.

Reception area – You can either opt for a readymade table or have one customised for your receptionist. Large overwhelming tables are a strict no-no, the accent today is on close client salon relationship so have one that is barely big enough for the essentials – a computer and a few ledgers and file trays. While a couple of comfortable chairs can be placed in front of the table for customers, special attention has to be given to the waiting area. Comfort should be the keyword here, hence go for deep and top quality leather couches. It has an additional benefit in that it helps clients feel at ease and relaxed before they go through complex procedures such as skin rejuvenation treatments on an IPL machine.

Consultation rooms – These are highly functional areas and should have an ambience that helps clients discuss their problems in confidence. Here too small work stations will facilitate an informal environment, so crucial in a beauty salon and spa. But keep some room in these cubicles for computers and similar equipment that helps in diagnosis and treatment.

Treatment rooms – The furniture here depends on the procedures being followed by you. Massage tables can be bought off the shelf from reputed furniture stores or made to order as per the size of the rooms. Keep additional racks for holding oils, towels and other essentials. Here too, have pastel shade colour hues and ambient lighting as both play an important part in relaxing the client before the procedure. If you have bought laser or IPL operated permanent hair removal or skin rejuvenation equipment from Universal IPL, there should be provision for it too.

Chairs – This is so important for your salon that it merits a whole section by itself. The rule of thumb here is comfort and convenience – for the client and you respectively. You can choose to buy those in traditional styles in wood and leather with adequate reclining mechanisms. The other option would be the contemporary look in steel and metal and black leather. The armrests can be chrome, black vinyl or wood armrests depending on the type of chair that you would want to buy. Ensure that the footrests too are height adjustable and hydraulic operated along with the main height of the chairs. It is preferable that you go for fully reclinable chairs as these can double up for hair treatments as well as specialised skin procedures.

These are some of the furniture items that you can try out for your salon. A lot depends of course on the scale that you wish to set it up.